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Subscriptions to the Evangelical Training Directory (ETD)

We thank God for the grants and donations that we have received over the last fifteen years to run the ETD. We are now asking training organizations to contribute towards the costs of promoting their training through the ETD as the grants are no longer available, and we believe that it is reasonable that those benefitting from the service should help to defray the costs. The information about your training programmes on the ETD may be viewed by hundreds or thousands of potential students each year and these people are directed to your website for more information. The ETD is endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) as a central database of evangelical training worldwide and forms part of the resources section of the WEA website, so each programme has exposure there as well as on the Evangelical Training Directory itself, related evangelical alliance websites round the world, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), the International Missionary Training Network of the WEA Mission Commission and the World Bible College Directory - www.biblecollegedirectory.org. Each organization has its own password protected access, and an interface in up to 20 languages through which to add details of their training programmes.

The following subscription levels are available:

Bronze – basic organization profile and one training programme. We do not charge for this but do ask for a donation.

Silver – an organization profile with your own logo, and up to 5 training programmes

Gold – an organization profile with your own logo, promotional photos and videos, and up to 20 training programmes

Platinum – as Gold but up to 100 training programmes



Bronze Silver $ per year Gold $ per year


$ per year

Under $50,000/£40,000/€45,000 Donation $10/£8/€9 $20/£16/€18 $200/£160/€180
Up to $250k/£200k/€225k Donation $20/£16/€18 $40/£32/€36 $400/£320/€360
Up to $1M/£800k/€900k Donation $30/£24/€27 $60/£48/€54 $600/£480/€540
Up to $5M/£4M/€M4.5 Donation $50/£40/€45 $100/£80/€90 $1000/£800/€900
Over $5M/£4M/€M4.5 Donation $100/£80/€90 $200/£160/€180 $2000/£1600/€1800



  • The subscription is based on the total annual income of the organization, not just the income from training. Subscriptions sent now will be valid until the end of 2018.
  • If you specify that a training programme is available in more than one country, it is counted once for every one of those countries, and this will affect the level of the subscription. This is because search results repeat the same programme as many times as the number of countries selected, thus clogging the screen. The Platinum Level was added to discourage this type of entry. We thus recommend that if you offer a programme in more than one country, you click the option “International”. It will then be counted as only one programme in the subscription scheme.
  • If you would like an invoice, we will gladly provide one.
  • Please direct any queries to the Evangelical Training Directory Coordinator by clicking here.

Thank you very much! May God bless you always.

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